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While intuition and gut feelings can play a role in trading, wouldn't it be helpful to have an expert AI in your corner analyzing your every move? YaMarkets AI goes beyond basic analysing, acting as your personal trading analyst.

It uses advanced algorithms to dissect your trades, finding hidden patterns and trends that might escape the naked eye. This in-depth analysis provides the foundation for actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and ultimately, become a smarter trader.

Trade Like a Pro with AI Insights

Discover & Improve your trading blindspots

YaMarkets AI analyzes your trades across various factors to pinpoint weaknesses and guide you towards a more optimized strategy.

Detect Toxic Behaviors

Break Bad Trading Habits

Unconscious biases and emotional decisions can sabotage your trading. YaMarkets AI identifies these "toxic behaviours", like revenge trading or chasing losses, helping you develop a more disciplined and rational approach that can lead to improved performance.

Improve Trade Timing

Time Your Trades Like a Pro

Market timing is a crucial skill. YaMarkets AI analyzes historical data and market trends to suggest optimal entry and exit points for your trades. By capitalizing on these insights, you can maximize profits and minimize losses based on market movements.

Beware of Excessive Risk

Trade with Confidence, Not Fear

Risk management is essential for successful trading. YaMarkets AI constantly monitors your trades and analyzes various factors to identify potential overexposure to risk. It provides timely risk alerts and helps you develop a safer trading strategy.

Explore Hidden Opportunities

Identify Holding Period Bias

Do you hold onto winners too long or cut losers too quickly? YaMarkets AI identifies this common bias, helping you develop a more strategic approach to managing positions. This can lead to increased profitability by capitalizing on full market movements.


How does the YaMarkets AI work?

YaMarkets AI empowers you to trade smarter with its advanced artificial intelligence analysis capabilities.


Tracks Your Trades

YaMarkets AI gathers entry/exit times, asset types, volumes, potential order types, and execution details.


Analyzes with AI

Powerful algorithms dissect your trading data from multiple angles using machine learning.


Identifies Patterns

YaMarkets AI goes beyond summaries, finding recurring trends in your behaviour like holding period bias.


Actionable Strategy Insights

Complex data is translated into clear, actionable advice specific to your goals and style.


Adaptive Learning

As you trade more, YaMarkets AI personalizes its insights and recommendations for your evolving trading behaviours.

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